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Penelope Grace

Nine month old Penelope Grace came to CPP from Hickman. She stole the hearts of Richard and Wilda and is now part of their family. She is a special blessing!


Buddy was a CPP dog for a long time while we looked for just the right home for him. Finally we found it--a loving home where he gets lots of attention from two stay at home parents--where he gets to play his favorite game, fetch the ball--and where he has a nice big yard to run around in. Adopted 6/07



Sweet Alice, an eight year old female, spent six months in a foster home in between two stays at Petco, South. She has been adopted into a wonderful home by a couple and their nine year old daughter. Alice is just loving her new life and all the attention she is getting. Adopted 02/08



Duke, a four year old male, came to CPP because his elderly human could no longer care for him. He is now living with Mike and they have become best pals and forever friends.


Mei Mei and Pups

Mei Mei came to us needing temporary boarding. Wilderness Kennels agreed to keep her for 2 weeks at no cost. She was abandoned there--soon to have pups. She had her babies on the 4th of July evening at Parkview Animal Hospital. Fortunately, we were able to find her previous owners thru a microchip. They took her in and all is well for Mei Mei and pups! 8/07


"Sonny Boy" was found wandering the streets of Omaha with his sister and they were both brought to Lincoln for the Coalition for Pet Protection to find homes for them.  His sister found a home right away, but when Sonny Boy was diagnosed with diabetes it seemed nobody wanted to adopt him.  He stayed at Rolling Acres for months until finally a foster home was found for him where there was already another orange and white cat named "Sunny Guy".  He endeared himself so to his foster mom that she decided to adopt him.  He is now living happily with his mom and his adopted brother. Adopted 8/09/04
Our precious Flower went to a wonderful home where she resides as the only cat with a family who adores her. Flower had previously been in CPP's program and adopted in December, 2004; however, because her new owners' situation changed, she was returned to CPP for readopt. The pictures say it all. Adopted 7/10/05


Suzie (Suz) made a happy transition from her previous owner who suddenly was placed in a home care facility to Petco, South, to her new loving family. As she blends in with their carpet, she blends in beautifully with her new owners. We have been advised Suz already has them on her schedule. Again, the pictures tell the story. Adopted 7/9/05.


Our little Country Bumpkins, Toby, Tina, and Gretchen were adopted by a family with two dogs. One of the dogs, Jake, was adopted out by CPP in 1997, and seemed happy to have three new additions. The dad had originally adopted the two females, but when he and his two daughters went to pick up the sisters at Petco, South, he could not leave Toby by himself. Toby seems to have sensed his luck, as he has become a shadow to his male benefactor. Adopted 6/4/05

Kramer--CPP's first Labradoodle, went to a home with five kids, two adults, and another dog. As with most of our adoptions, the picture tells the story. Adopted 7/27/05



Big and Rich adopted 1/29/06

Mattie and Tommy adopted 9/9/05


Bud adopted 6/23/06

Zorro adopted

Max adopted 12/10/06


Mookie adopted 2/07

Sam adopted 2/07

Olivia adopted 3/07


Sealy adopted 4/07

Phoebe adopted 4/07

Chucky adopted 3/07


Andy adopted 8/10/07

Casey adopted 8/10/07


Fred adopted 8/07

Ginger adopted 8/07

Gene Kelly adopted 8/07


Harry Potter Kitties--Neville, Ronald, Harry, Hermoine--Adopted 9/07


Karma adopted 9/07

Lydia Adopted 9/07

Oreo adopted 9/07


Luke adopted 10/07

Duke adopted 10/07


Sunbeam adopted 12/07

Dusty adopted 12/07

Henry adopted 12/07


Tiger adopted 01/08

Max adopted 01/08

Chachi adopted 01/08


Dakota adopted 2/08

Bella adopted 3/08

Muffin adopted 3/08


Zoe adopted 4/08

Poppy adopted 4/08

Daisy adopted 4/08


Nicholas adopted 4/08

Doozy adopted 4/08

Gracie adopted 6/08


R. C. adopted 6/08

Widget adopted 6/08

Beethoven adopted 7/08


Misty adopted 7/08

Stormy adopted 7/08

Ozzy adopted 9/08


Punky adopted 9/08

Sammie adopted 9/08

Henri adopted 9/08


Brandy Boy adopted 9/08

Prince adopted 9/08

Cher adopted 10/08


Pepe adopted 10/08

Little Bit adopted 11/08

Buddy adopted 11/08


Larry adopted 11/08

Joci adopted 12/08

Shy and Jasmine adopted 12/08


Wilma adopted 2/09

Betty adopted 2/09


Riley adopted 5/09

Chico adopted 4/09

Lucky adopted 4/09


Sully adopted 5/09.

Ashes adopted 5/09


Mickey adopted 6/09

Mikey adopted 6/09


Melanie adopted 6/09

Melissa adopted 6/09


Bing adopted 6/09

Bob adopted 6/09

Mouse adopted 07/09


Trixie adopted 7/09

Babe adopted 8/09


Lickity adopted 8/09

Sweetie adopted 8/09

Jack adopted 8/09


The following kittens were adopted before we could get their pictures taken:

Paige adopted 8/09
Brandi adopted 8/09
Piper adopted 8/09
Lion adopted 8/09

Tigger adopted 8/09
Peek-a-Boo adopted 10/09
Fivel adopted 10/09


Sheena adopted 9/09

Mojo adopted 9/09

Buck & Ice adopted 9/09


Wilma adopted 9/09

Betty adopted 9/09


Kinzi adopted 10/09

Edith Ann adopted 10/09


CHESTER adopted 10/09

Chester is an 8 year old great Tabby. His humans couldn't keep him or his friend Mickey. CPP helped find a great forever home for him. Mickey is still looking. Check him out on the Animals for Adoption page.


LADY adopted 10/09

Lady lives up to her name! When she had to be given up because of landlord issues CPP helped by giving assistance with vet care. Trude's Dog Motel offered boarding. Lady is now enjoying life with another dog in a fantastic forever home.



These two siblings went to a wonderful new home together!

Bam-Bam adopted 11/09

Pebbles adopted 11/09


Mickey adopted 11/09

Jazzy adopted 11/09


Ozzy adopted 1/10

Rhasta adopted 1/10


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