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How You Can Help

  Here are some ways you can help CPP to help the animals:  
  You can adopt a pet.  There are many wonderful dogs and cats that are in need of a good home! See our Animals for Adoption.
  You can foster a pet.  This means providing a temporary home for an animal until a permanent home can be found. See our Foster Home Program.
  CPP has a pet food pantry, which is for emergencies only.  We accept donations of cat food, dog food and cat litter. Right now we are especially in need of canned cat food and cat litter!  If you wish to donate, please call the CPP hotline at 402-434-7922. Or e-mail:
  You can buy CPP Items for Sale.


We have beautiful hand-made bandanas by JoAnn for sale. They come in four sizes: Small, $1.00, Medium, $2.00, Large, $3.00 and Extra Large, $4.00. Many holiday bandanas: St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, Halloween, etc.

We also have Go Big Red Bandanas: Small $2.00, Medium $4.00, Large $6.00, Extra Large $8.00, and Collar Covers $3.00.
Call CPP hotline: (402) 434-7922.

Donated material is also accepted to make the bandanas.

  You can support CPP by buying Sees Candy--available at:

Parkview Animal Hospital, 3201 S. 10th St.

This is world famous See's Chocolate! $1.50 a bar!

  You can volunteer.  Call the CPP hotline, 402-434-7922, to find out what volunteer opportunities are currently available.
  You can be a Paws Page Sponsor.  For $37.00 you can sponsor a CPP animal in a monthly section of the Neighborhood Extra called "The Paws Page". For more details call the CPP hotline, 402-434-7922, or email:
  You can make a tax deductible donation to:

The Coalition for Pet Protection
P.O. Box 23165
Lincoln, NE 68542


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