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Some Highlights From CPP History


by Audun Ravnan, co-founder of CPP


  • Coalition for Pet Protection organized September 28, 1992.
  • Developed Directory of Animal Services, which later evolved into an element of the "Blue Pages" in the Lincoln telephone directory.
  • Strongly supported Sen. Dirks' "Puppy Mill Bill".
  • Actively worked for an additional officer in the Animal Control budget.
  • Provided testimony in favor of the so-called "leash law".
  • Officially adopted project to assist with humane treatment and care of pets of homeless people at local facilities (e.g., People's City Mission, Friendship Home, Fresh Start, etc.)  This project, normally referred to as the "Mission Project," became  the pivotal element of our mission.
  • Developed membership brochure.
  • Assisted 11 dogs, 1 kitten and a baby rabbit with vaccinations, spay/neuter, foster care, adoption, food, chew toys and licenses with further assistance from the Mickle-Bush Neuter/Spay Foundation and the Capital Humane Society.


  • Obtained 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Erected structure to cover the kennels at the People's City Mission.  The work included a concrete floor, a free standing roof, wire mesh enclosure for four separate kennels with dog houses.  The manual labor was furnished by Coalition members and a volley-ball team coached  by the Coalition's past president.
  • Received donation of 400 lb. food from Alpo Pet foods of Crete, the first of an ongoing program of collecting pet foods from nearby manufacturers.  Shortly thereafter IAMS of Aurora became an additional donor.  Over 5-6 years we regularly picked up about one ton of pet food each month, to be distributed to indigent pet owners by the People's City Mission Distribution Center downtown.


  • Final stages of the kennel structure at the People's City Mission completed with all new dog houses and a ten foot security fence.
  • Continued its mission of providing medical and other assistance for pets of the homeless, including pets from the:
        a.  People's City Mission where 27 dogs and 15 cats were helped, and
        b.  Fresh Start and Friendship Home programs where a number of pets received medical and foster assistance.
  • Sponsored three billboards for the Neuter/Spay Month in cooperation with the Mickle-Bush Neuter/Spay Foundation.
  • Initiated monthly newsletter, PAW PRINTS, and added voice mail and PO box.
  • Selected Robert Downey, Executive Director of the Capital Humane Society, as lifetime honorary member for unstinting support, inoculations and emergency housing of pets from the City Mission.
  • The Coalition received major grants from the Sowers Club to upgrade and subdivide the kennel enclosures at the People's City Mission and from the Rogers Foundation for a ten foot security fence surrounding the kennel structure.
  • Expended $527.31 in veterinary expenses for pets of the homeless and the aged, as well as rescued animals.
  • Enclosed the kennels at the People's City Mission with an eight foot high tarpaulin, to shield the dog's from winter winds and blowing snow and rain.


  • Added See's Candy as a fund-raiser, an immensely successful income producer which has become a mainstay in our fund-raising program.
  • Prevailed upon Neighborhood Extra, an insert in the Saturday issues of the Lincoln Journal Star, to include a page, the P.A.W.S. Page, reserved for pets available for adoption.  The page has been extremely successful, and produces remarkable results to sponsors such as the Coalition, Humane Society, local veterinarians and individuals.
  • Expended $1771.49 in veterinary expenses for pets of the homeless and the aged, as well as uncounted rescue animals.


  • Continued work with pets of the homeless.
  • Continued to bring in about one ton of pet food each month from Friskies in Crete and IAMS of Aurora.
  • Expended $3510.97 in veterinary expenses for pets of the homeless and the aged, as well as uncounted rescue animals.


  • Continued our primary mission of work with pets of the homeless, the aged, and for rescued animals.
  • Members were active on task force to formulate new pet ordinances for Lincoln/Lancaster County.
  • Members transported approx. twelve tons of pet food from Crete and Aurora for distribution at the People's City Mission downtown to indigent pet owners.
  • Added tarpaulin above kennels to prevent excessive moisture in dog houses.
  • Expended $4446.26 in veterinary expenses for pets of the homeless and the aged, and for uncounted rescue animals.


  • Continued work with animals from Peoples City Mission and Fresh Start.
  • Provided 24,000 lbs. of pet food from Iams in Aurora and Friskies in Crete for distribution from People' City Mission's Distribution Center to needy pet owners.
  • Cooperated with Petco and PetSmart in animal benefits and pet adoption.
  • Expended more that $5,600 on Veterinarian bills for pets of the homeless, the aged, and for uncounted rescue animals.
  • Rescued numerous animals from Lincoln, Lancaster County, Beatrice and Crete.
  • Developed new program at People's City Mission whereby the Men's Section rescues feral cats from neighborhood and are responsible for feeding, taming and caring for them until final "civilization" in a local foster home.  Two kittens from this program are now ready for adoption, while two others, Milo and Morris, are close to being ready for fostering in a private home.

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