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Coalition for Pet Protection

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We've all heard the phrase, "retail therapy."  

Now through Sunday August 5, 2007 your retail therapy will have an extra benefit. Shop at the Edgewood Petco Store and round up your purchase. The Coalition for Pet Protection is this year's recipient. For example: a purchase is $5.34...the customer can round up to any amount, say $6.00. CPP would receive the 66 cents!!!  In itself, that isn't much...but if everyone does that it adds up!  CPP has very low administration costs, we are all volunteers with a passion for helping animals. Approximately 95% of our funds go to help the animals. Isn't that reassuring?


This is a great time to stock up on pet essentials such as food, litter, and frontline. And a great way to justify the purchase of treats and toys! Shop till you drop, and don't forget to drop that extra change at the register!

Petco is located in the Edgewood Shopping Center....56th and Highway Two.  Next door to Supersaver. Store hours are 9 to 9 Monday through Saturday and 10 to 7 on Sunday. The store phone number is (402) 420-1755.

CPP will have volunteers at the store. Stop by for more information on our organization. We are happy to talk about the animals and our group.



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