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Teddy Bears On Parade





Our first bear is Yvonne from the Cottage Collectibles Line by Ganz.
Her sweet face is accented with pink bows. She wears a plaid
jumper over a pink blouse. Her paw is signed with
the artist's initials.
Her Original Tag Reads: "Yvonne is a lovable bear with an
innocent charm, who likes nothing more than being hugged
in your arms. Quiet and shy, but sweet as a rose--she'll
tickle--you--pink from your head to your toes..."
Please note...Yvonne's plaid jumper has an ever so
slight hole in it, other than that, this bear
is in mint condition.
This bear retails at $44.00. Starting Bid for Silent Auction is $30.00.

.The middle bear is Edmund T. Bear from the Boyd's Bears Line.
Edmund is decked out in Sage colored corduroy slacks. The pant's
pocket is decorated with a little bee hive. He is ready for the cooler
weather with his striped sweater from "Bear Wear."
Isn't he the dapper one?
His original tag notes that he is part the the "Bailey and Friends" Collection.
He is in mint condition. This cutie retails for $30.00,
The starting bid for the silent auction is $20.00

Last, but certainly not least is....
Little Shutterbug from the Little Bears Collection--Princess Soft Toys, by Anne Schmidt.
He is off for vacation is his spiffy Hawaiian print shorts, visor and camera.
He is part of the 1994 Little Bear's collection by Anne Schmidt. He is one of
fourteen different bears in this collection.
This tourist guy is in mint collection.
His retail value is $37.00. he starting bid for the silent auction is $22.00.

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