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      Adopting an Adult Cat



Now that the hectic days of summer have passed, you'll have more time to spend with a new feline family member. But even better, few things help warm the cool weather of the season like a cat curled up on your lap. However, young kittens are not the only option when it comes to adopting a feline companion. In fact, many people find that welcoming an adult cat into their home is just as, if not more so, rewarding as taking in a new kitten.


Kittens do not fit into everyone's lifestyle. Many people are away from home for large portions of the day and cannot constantly supervise a young kitten. Other people are afraid of how a young kitten will interact with family members and other pets. However, adult cats are often less demanding than kittens. Best of all, a variety of adult cats are anxiously awaiting new homes at most local animal shelters and offer the following advantages:

  • They require less supervision than kittens.

  • They may be accustomed to young children and other pets.

  • They are more likely to sleep at night (and let you sleep!).

  • They may be litter trained and better behaved.

  • If you adopt an adult cat, you may be saving a life. Adult cats from shelters are often passed over for "cuter" kittens.

Your animal shelter should be able to tell you which cats are used to living with children and other pets, as well as their past medical history.


There are many myths surrounding the adoption of adult cats. The truth is, the vast majority of cats in shelters were not given up because they were sick or had bad habits. Many are cats whose owners could no longer care for them for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They are moving and cannot take their pet with them.

  • The owners have health problems and can no longer care for their pets.

  • They have a child who develops an allergy.

  • They have other pets who do not get along with this one.

  • The previous owners have passed away.

An adult cat, when taken good care of, often lives into his or her teens and beyond. If you're aching for some feline companionship, consider an adult cat. You'll be glad you did!


Copyright  2008, Foster & Smith, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Excerpted from Doctors Foster and Smith Just for Cats.




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