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In Loving Memory of Ethel A. Prange
August 1, 1914 - September 20, 2007


Ethel loved animals and had a special bond with her dog Casey, pictured with her in the photo above. Casey passed several years ago but there's an interesting story about him...a few years ago in the middle of the night, Casey came into Ethel's room and began growling until she woke. Ethel got up, turned on the light in the bathroom and the kitchen, looking around for anything out of the ordinary. Finding nothing, she went back to bed. The next day while working in the yard, she found that someone had taken a chair off the patio, placed in under the bathroom window, had cut a three corner tear in the screen and raised the window ready to come in. Apparently Casey woke Ethel just in time that when she turned on the lights, it scared the intruder away. Several weeks later this individual was apprehended after breaking in and assaulting someone in the neighborhood. It's no wonder Ethel thought Casey was a gift from above.


Doing for others is a trait born within
To sum it up, it is no sin
It's noticed more when it happens to you
And you'll find it happens to very few
Put on your thinking cap and make your day
What you can do for others and in what way

    Ethel Prange


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